The mission of Health Connect South is to serve the health community as a platform to promote regional health collaborations. Through our collective work, we seek to define and advance the Southeast’s role in the future of health. Serving as a gateway between health industry silos, we seek to facilitate unique and meaningful partnerships. Together, health advances.

We will advance our mission by bringing together top-tier health leaders and innovators across disciplines to engage each other in collaborative conversations focused on meeting identified health needs through leveraging supporting ideas and institutions.


Passion for Connection & Collaboration

Though the Southeast is home to world-class health assets, there is surprisingly little interdisciplinary clarity around areas of focus, impact, needs and capacity within and among our health assets. We believe such heightened clarity accelerates new opportunities for geographically advantaged collaborations, unlocking and advancing important advances in health.

Sustainable Platform

Health Connect South is a non-profit serving as the premier platform for regional health collaboration in the Southeast.

Our mission is to breakdown the silos in health, gather the top health leaders (decision makers, innovators, next generation of health leaders) from each of these silos, and create collaborations and partnerships to advance health.

Health Connect South’s annual event is our largest face to face meeting with over 600 health leaders. The health topics covered are broad to create interdisciplinary partnerships but also specific in order to tackle current health challenges. This is the platform for health leaders come to hear and talk about “the new” in health, the current challenges, and possible solutions.


  • Building on Health Community
  • Industry Partnerships
  • Provide gathering points where the most progressive aspects of health advancement in the Southeast are shared, explored and created.
  • Create deeper understanding and ongoing connectivity between institutions to develop new partnerships and growth opportunities.
  • Build national and international recognition of the Southeast’s role in health leadership and innovation.

Together, health advances.




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