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Conference Highlights

2019 Conference

Welcome to 2019 Annual Gathering

Russ Lipari, Founder & CEO Health Connect South

Welcome Remarks

Dr. Michael Erikson – Dean and Regents Professor, Georgia State University

Drones Driving Innovation in Healthcare Logistics

Panel Discussion

Leading Successful Strategic Partnerships

Panel Discussion

Stroke Care: Creating an Epicenter of Excellence

Panel Discussion

Healthcare Investment Trends: Accelerating Health Horizons

Panel Discussion

CDC Fireside Chat: Priorities, Progress & Partnerships

Panel Discussion

Pediatric Cancer: The American Cancer Society’s Perspective and Progress

Gary Reedy – CEO, American Cancer Society

Pediatric Cancer: How Partnering  Together Changed the Prognosis of Pediatric Cancer

Panel Discussion

Keys to Collaboration and Partnership Success

Panel Discussion

Philanthropy, Partnerships & Progress: Leading Community Change

Panel Discussion

Rural Health: Leading Innovations and Better Outcomes

Panel Discussion

Innovation in Medical Education

Panel Discussion

2018 Conference

Critical Issues in the Future Of Health

Susan Dentzer, President & CEO Network for Excellence in Health Innovation

Telehealth Improving Healthcare Across the South and Globe

Panel Discussion

Healthcare 3.0 – How Technology Is Driving The Transition to Prosumers, Platforms and Outsurance

Rubin Pillay, PhD, MD Asst Dean & Chief Innovation Officer, Univ of Alabama Birmingham

Health Investments: Cultivating Innovation

Panel Discussion

Game Changers: New Medicine

Panel Discussion

Critical Data for All

Panel Discussion

Making The Rounds: Doctors Leading from the Frontlines

Dr. Patrice Harris, President-Elect of The American Medical Association

Opiod Epidemic Panel Discussion: Striking Back

Panel Discussion

Collaboration as a Business Model

Panel Discussion

Accelerating I.T. into Healthcare

Panel Discussion

The Windshield and the Rear View Mirror of Health Innovation

Jacques J. Sokolov, MD Chairman & CEO, SSB Solutions, Inc.

Features from Past Conferences

Taking the First Steps

President Jimmy Carter speaks on how collaboration and partnerships in healthcare can start at the grassroots.

From Discoveries to Treatment

Georgia State Ph.D Candidate Duke Geem explores the links between research findings and the medicine they help create.

A Global Perspective

University of Georgia Undergraduate Researcher Hillary Danz discusses the importance of failure and seeing the bigger picture in the fight against disease.

Breaking Barriers to Healthcare Through Technology

Erik Reinertson, an MD and Ph.D student at Emory University and Georgia Tech, explains how software has allowed collaboration to be easier than ever, leading to faster discoveries and bigger impacts.

Specialists on the Shoulders of Giants

Ph.D Candidate Eli Fine talks about his research at Georgia Tech and how progress today must be achieved through the combined efforts of professionals across the healthcare world.

Towards a Common Goal

At the Morehouse School of Medicine, MSCR Ph.D Candidate Carmen Dickinson believes that the best healthcare comes from the joint efforts of the scientists behind the research and the physicians providing the treatment.


Together, health advances.



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