Opportunity to Make a Difference

 In COVID-19

I recall reading many stories of “The Greatest Generation” and the heroism and selfless acts, at all levels of society, in the face of past adversities. Thankfully, some of “The Greatest Generation” are still with us. Our hope is that what they see in the coming weeks and months is this generation embracing every opportunity to somehow prove worthy of their lineage.

Though our challenges are vastly different, this generation has the opportunity to also make a difference. At a very personal/individual level, how each of us conduct ourselves during each day (social distancing, washing your hands, wear gloves/masks, fighting the urge to go out when you “want” to but don’t “need” to, etc.) will have a major impact on the “flatten the curve” movement which the entire human race is currently a participant.

But there is certainly more that each of us can do, both individually and institutionally. While this point in time has acted as an accelerant of innovation, many of these needed remedies will take time to develop and deploy. This leaves many of us wondering what we can do now – even from home.

We are also asking that same question and want to share with you some ways that our health community has already formalized their needs. While you conduct yourself to not get sick -or- get others sick, consider this as only a first step. The second step is helping those on the front lines be able to quite possibly get ready for you and those you love (unpleasant but true).

Below you will find a listing of organizations which have been vetted as having a pressing need – where you or your organization can step in to help – now. This is truly a time when delaying will cost lives.

In 277 days, it will be Jan 1st, 2021. When you ring in the new year and look back, we hope you will be able to do so knowing you made a choice to make a difference. You and those around you matter. Time matters. Action matters.

Here’s hoping we will all prove worthy of our generation’s challenge.

Prove Worthy.

With best regards,

Russ Lipari
Founder & CEO | Health Connect South


We are actively building out a comprehensive list for healthcare needs in:  AL, FL, GA, NC, SC & TN.

We will be continue to updated national info and regional info on our website.

If you have any information to share on organizations needing assistance, please email it to us and we will be glad to add to this list.
Email to: Russ.lipari@healthconnectsouth.com

We will be working with distribution partners in each state to help circulate this list as widely as possible.